Fast Kaitlin And Good For You. - Please Don'T Squeeze The Kaitlin.



Nadat ik moest helpen op school van half twee tot half zes ben ik snel de stad ingegaan om Sinterklaas inkopen te doen. De weg ernaar toe was lastig rijden. Het sneeuwde en het was glad op de weg. Iedereen reed maar een kilometer of zestig per uur. Maar goed het is maar een kwartiertje rijden en nu was het dus twintig minuten en dat is ook goed te overzien. Eerst ben ik in de speelgoedwinkel een slee gaan kopen. Dat was snel gedaan. Daarna naar de sportwinkel schaatsen. Het was druk daar want je kreeg op heel het assortiment ...

A good system for the hotel

I'm thinking of getting one of those hotel reservation system. I think that would be really good for our hotel. Then the staff can have much more control over bookings and stuff from their computer. So I really think that would be great! But I'm going to chef out what it's going to cost first. But I think it's going to be worth it! The system also lets us see statistics over the stuff that's happening at the hotel such as bookings and other stuff. So that's great actually!

a walk in the forest

I hope the weather stays like this today. It is so lovely and I want to show the children the nice places I saw this morning in the forest. All their homework is finished and we have no plans for this afternoon. It is s great day to have a small walk through the forest; I love to smell the fresh cold air. My kids love to collect autumn things in the forest and we put that on a large plate to have some autumn decoration at home. Such as branches, nuts, beechnuts and all other things you can find ...